INTCAS’ New Paradigm for Study Abroad Services

As any international student can tell you, applying to study abroad involves time-sapping bureaucracy and stress-inducing uncertainty.  Typically, students have used agents to help them navigate difficult processes and streamline their pathway to enrolment.

Agents have provided a vital and often excellent service to students in helping them realise their study abroad ambitions.  However, they can also provide an inherent risk of making self-serving recommendations.

Agents make their money by referring their students to certain institutions while charging nothing to students.  So, while on the surface families get a good deal, their best interests are not typically driving the process.

INTCAS exists to make student’s study abroad journeys easier, to help them build fulfilling careers.  This is true for students applying directly or through our support centres.  This also benefits partner agents who have access to our blockchain-enabled technology services.

However, where INTCAS is doing something truly revolutionary is by introducing a new industry paradigm: that of putting the student’s needs at the heart of the process.  Both at our support centres and within our artificial intelligence software, our most important question is: what choice is right for each student?

Here follows four ways in which INTCAS is turning conventional industry thinking on its head.

  1. Impartiality

Most agents do care passionately about providing a good service to their students.  However, their success is predicated upon bringing students to the particular institutions with whom they have contracts with.  INTCAS’ model by contrast is built around what is right for the student.

  1. Knowledge

A good agent knows their market, though may be restricted to certain areas of focus.  INTCAS Coaches are trained to have knowledge of numerous jurisdictions and study options, plus have access to its internal knowledge base enabling them to fill in knowledge gaps quickly on demand.

  1. Efficiency

Agents help families to navigate the cumbersome bureaucracy involved with applying and enrolling abroad.  So does INTCAS, but with the added advantage of being technologically connected with the disparate elements involved.  This accelerates the process and boosts enrolment chances.

  1. Breadth

Finally, INTCAS offers a broader array of complementary services than traditional service providers.  For example: language tests and training, career planning and advice, entry tests preparation, personal skills courses, and access to exclusive scholarships.


So if you are a student considering your study abroad options, come and explore the options on our website or at a local support centre.  We look forward to helping you define and realise your goals!