About Us

INTCAS provides students, families and institutions a comprehensive set of services which streamlines the process of selecting and applying to study abroad.

The international student journey is currently characterised by high costs, high-levels of bureaucracy, and a multitude of risks which causes uncertainty for genuine students, families and institutions.

INTCAS addresses this problem through a single technology system and a network of support centres, which helps students and families through each stage of the international application journey.  At each stage, students and families are connected with institutions and other trusted stakeholders to ensure applications, interviews, offers, payments and visa related processes are all managed through a single system.

Through one single system, INTCAS is able to streamline the international application-to-enrolment process by securely sharing the right level of data with the right party, thus improving efficiency and mitigating risks.

Our Values

INTCAS (UK) Limited went into administration on 22 January 2020. If you had dealings with the company, please contact the person you dealt with and they will respond to any queries.

  • Altitude
    Think big, see the bigger picture, and play the long game
  • Accountable
    Make your word your bond by taking responsibility for proactive action and results
  • Attitude
    See the obstacles, yet know somehow, relentlessly, you will overcome them
  • The 6 A's
  • Agile
    Maintain the adapt-ability and learning to out-manoeuvre the competition
  • Awesome
    Strive for excellence in style and substance to meet and exceed your objectives
  • Attentive
    Empathise, listen generously, and help your colleagues succeed and grow

Charitable Foundation

INTCAS is setting a new standard for corporate social responsibility by pledging a double-digit percentage of its profits to its charitable foundation.  The primary goal of the INTCAS Foundation is to promote basic human rights through education.

As the world around us becomes even more intricate and interconnected, it is essential that the education market evolves to drive economic, political and social success. Every nation, every city, every town and every community can prosper if it had access to better education.

INTCAS is leading the way with innovative programmes, working with some of the most iconic celebrities and institutions across the world, to provide education for all.  The INTCAS World Scholarship Programme provides a global infrastructure for charitable giving. We are reaching out across the board and asking pressing questions as to how we can collectively make the world a better place.  At INTCAS, we believe access to better education paves the way for a more prosperous society.  As such, we are leveraging our technology, expertise and resources to help unlock communities of academically gifted students from disadvantaged backgrounds and supporting them to gain access to studying abroad through scholarships.